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The Twizy Contest is an innovation challenge that allows you to give your vision of future mobility. Based on Renault Twizy, you will have to hack, modify and customize the car to offer a brand new vehicle, offering a new range of possibilities.

If you are in University, as an engineer or a designer, working individually or in a team, access the platform, submit your inventions and become a Twizer by reinventing our mobility and make our cities easier to live!

Hack the twizyHack the Twizy

Use it like a giant LEGO. Play with all the resources on open access, a blast for your imagination.

Become a TwizerBecome a Twizer

Be part of a community. Share your tricks and projects. Time to make your talents in movement - off the street.

Be a part of the gameBe a part of the game

We want you to have an experience at Renault and Segula Technologies; an opportunity to meet professionals. They want to hear from you!

get inspired

The mobility of tomorrow is undergoing fundamental change. People, goods, urban services and mobility objects will be transformed!

To better anticipate these evolutions, Renault is taking the initiative to create an experimental challenge in creativity: "Twizy Contest". This competition is addressed to students the world over, looking to establish a fertile dialogue with a younger generation eager to change things.

We hope that this initiative will see emerge promising ideas, offering opportunities to the young talents to come and join Renault in this exciting future.

Dominique Levent

Creativity and Institute of Durable Mobility at Groupe Renault

Dominique Levent

Let’s shape the future together!

As a leading engineering group placing innovation at the heart of its strategy, Segula Technologies is proud to work with Renault in organizing the Twizy Contest for the second consecutive year. Whether the young engineers who will apply for this competition imagine an autonomous, flying or even amphibious Twizy, Segula Technologies's teams are committed to supporting them in the achievement of their project, from ideation to prototyping.

Together, we will contribute to boost the future of mobility.

Vincent Fournier

President of the Automotive Department at Segula Technologies

Let's go play

Twizy Contest is the challenge making cities a playground to students having a creative mind and wanting to push mobility forward.

Rules & conditions
number 1
01 October 2018

Registration Opening

Register your project and your team.

number 2
First round
30 November 2018

First round

Be selected among the 10 best National Teams.

number 3
15 March 2019

National final event

Be the best national team and win a Twizy to prototype your project on it.

Twizy + cash price: 15 000 €

number 4
04 October 2019

International final event

Challenge the world at the International final event in Paris. Pitch and expose your project.

All inclusive trip (plane tickets, hotel & restaurants)

number 5
January 2020

Las vegas CES

Meet the world at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Price value: 30 000 €

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